Monday, April 16, 2012

A Bad Day Sugarcoated with Lace

     I woke up today expecting this day to be a painfully bad day. I knew that I had wear something that kept me warm in 65 degree weather but would provided a nice breeze if the heat took in. I decided on a laced shirt with a navy green undershirt. I actually really love this outfit. The shoes I wore because I felt like  I needed to add just a touch of femininity.

     As I was driving in my car, it just so happened that all of my favorite songs came on on the radio. And i thought of this theory my friend told me once, "You can judge on a day is going to be based on what songs you hear on the radio." As this thought came to my mind..I thought maybe today won't be such a bad day! Boy was a wrong!

    First, I walked into my Film Instruction class and I noticed all of our macs were gone! The instructor began telling us that someone had broken into the classroom and stolen our macs! The worse news is that he said we probably won't be getting any new computors for the rest of the year! How could this happen? What deliquent would rob people of an education? I know, I know it may sound naive but I mean come on! It is totally unfair that we have to get punished for something someone else did. I had spent weeks filming a video and now I can't edit it on the computors. :( Then on top of this my Economics teacher gave a very, very hard test on today. But to ease the tension I wrote on the bottom of the test "I am just going to marry someone that can do this!" So I guess, the lesson is try to relax about life and have a laugh because there are some things you just can't control.

                                                                               -Signing off;  Natalie



  1. haha i laughed at that last part. "I am just going to marry someone that can do this!"

    and love the lace shirt you have!

  2. Lov your style :D
    Now im a follower

  3. These shoes are SWEET!!! GREAT BLOG!!! ;)

  4. Love it <3!!! Great blog, very cute!! Visit my blog and if you like it to follow me on google friends and I will be happy to follow you back <3

  5. great blouse, I love lace :)
    and shoes are adorable

  6. Your lace top is so adorbs! And also your bow flats! :)

    Please do visit my site if you have time.
    xx Geneva

  7. Your top is amazing! xoxo

  8. You are absolutely beautiful!! :D


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