Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Vogue Painting & Gifts from Around the World

My Painting

Notebook, pen, and Crayola ereaser



Moulin Rouge Magnet

Paris key chain

So today was a good day! I went to school and my friends who had traveled abroad brought me back some stuff:

The Green Notebook-Connie who went to Korea
The Notebook, Postcard, Moulin Rouge Magnet, and an official Paris Key Chain-My Best Friend
The Shepard Fairey Stickers-My Instructor for Photoshop

So I think I had a pretty good day. I really love the green notebook from Korea. All my friends know that I love to write that is why I think everyone got me a notebook. Hahaha. My best friend got me the notebook because it had a map of Pari in it and she said that she wanted to go back there with me someday. She got me the Moulin Rouge magnet because my obsession with red lipstick (rouge is red in french). She told me when she got back from the trip that the two people she missed most was her mum and me. After I read her postcard, I thought of when she told me this-it almost made me cry. I can't believe I have such a good friend like that and I hope I don't loose her for a very long time.

So..of course my day can be ruined by the boy that I like. He doesn't know that I like him and I don't think he likes me but it drives me crazy because he acts like he likes me sometimes but I feel like he is to iffy about it. And this makes me sad. I know that I can't force him to like me but I would like for us to become just good friends. I know that that is probably impossible but..yeah...Well, I hope everyone else is having a great day and good luck with the boys!!! hahah


  1. welcome to blogging world!

    nice painting! i look forward to seeing more posts from you ;)

  2. everything is possible dear! just keep on being friendly not just with him but with everyone and for sure everything will go into places. :-)
    thanks for visiting my site, come back again...


  3. Welcome to the world of miscommunication between men and women. Unfortunately this.will continue into your adult years. But I wouldnt trade for anything else! Love your painting.

  4. Oh boys... they never do quite get it, do they? I say, wait a little longer until the boy becomes a man.

  5. Some really cute gifts there :)And I love the crayon eraser xx

  6. always nice to received gifts from other countries!

  7. I have that paris keychain too! :)

  8. Oh Paris! What a perfect post for me to see as we are heading to Paris this summer!


    Twenty York Street

  9. Your life sounds like something that'll inspire the CW Network. They ought to option your blog and in turn you'll make millions! Notebooks rule!

  10. love fashion and love your blog :)
    we should follow each other!



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