Monday, September 2, 2013

The Hopeless Youth

Once again I have collaborated with Rebecca  to do a fashion shoot. She has such talent doesn't she? My particular favorite is the last photo. It just seems so serene. Like I am running toward something greater. Anyways about the outfit. I got this piece from Forever 21 and I just felt very lady like and country in it. I don't know if you knew this, but as you can probably tell from the country boots in the photos, I have an obsession with the country. I am obsessed with country music! That is absolutely all I listen to in the car-none of my friends will carpool with me. This place and the dress took me to a different place. I felt calm and in a place of peace. That's what a beautiful sunset will do for you. 

On a sadder note, this first week of school has been an absolute dread for me! Are you ready for this?
Day 1: Had to park about a mile away from school because they CLOSED DOWN the main parking lot
Day 2:  Someone rear ended my car because they were texting. I told the girl it was okay and I let it go. Then I look back like a minute later-SHE WAS STILL TEXTING. Folks don't text and drive especially when you just hit someone because of it. 
Day 3: I took this Spanish class that was college leveled and my Spanish is not colleged level. I walk in and everyone is speaking fluent spanish. I am just standing there like....I need out! Hopefully I can get another Spanish class.
Day 4: I have a night class that ends at 10:00. We are currently reading Beowulf and it isn't too bad. It's actually interesting. I have heard this teacher is super amazing and funny! So I am excited for his class.

This week has been so stressful for me-I wanted to cry. I need to drop Spanish because it's just embarrassing for me in that class. The bad news is that if I drop I won't have enough classes for the fall. So I basically have emailed all beginning Spanish teachers begging for me to be let in their class A WEEK LATE! And I feel absolutely embarrassed! Tomorrow I am going to basically grovel for a teacher to let me in their class. Prayers and good lucks are appreciated because I really need this other class! Anyways thank you for the support and for reading my diary. 




  1. Oh no! I hope your classes start to get better, but at least you have those amazing boots to cheer you up! I'm a country music fan to, I'm in love with the Civil Wars new album at the minute. Hope everything gets better!xo

  2. wow, that all sounds pretty stressful, i hope you sort out your spanish class fiasco. on another note, your dress and these photos are beautiful!! xox

  3. Well that sounds like a sucky first week, but I'm sure things will go up from here! The photos are beautiful, especially the sky in that last one!

  4. Cute dress and your hair is beautiful <3

  5. That dress is gorgeous, what a lovely colour!

  6. Oh gosh, I really love your dress and your photos!
    Amazing post! <3
    I'm a member of your blog :D

  7. You're absolutely stunning, I love your dress!!
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    Hope to see you soon!xx

  8. you are stunning!

    much love from NYC

  9. That dress matches your skin perfectly :)
    Lovely pics girl!

    With love, Bárbara

  10. I love that dress, looks really pretty on you, whoever said neon is done havent see you on this dress!
    Viva la Trucco

  11. Oh wow, I truly love the last picture! If look so cool and somehow shows what freedom is (?). Oh and hope you had a nice time in school, hope you get into another Spanish calss!

  12. Wonderful photos and such a pretty dress - you look amazing! xxx

  13. Love the colour of your dress! And that pictures ... wonderful!

  14. The pictures are beautiful! The dress is beautiful, I love the bright colors!

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    cassandra xx

  15. First off, from the side photo, you look beautiful like Kristen Stewart! :)
    And I hope your school days get better. In any case, it's JUST school!


  16. that dress is lovely! Love the look and the photos!

    The Red Lil' Shoes Blog

  17. This is such a good shot! I love how the yellow dress brings out the background!

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    I am Marie Liv

  18. What a pretty dress! I love it:)
    Hugs & Kisses,

  19. Amazing look and the pictures are utterly gorgeous

    Please come check out my latest post if you have time :)

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  20. Wow these photos are so beautiful! I especially love the last looks like a magazine ad!

  21. so you look like hailee steinfeld has an older sister! gorgeous photos xx

  22. i love the details of your dress!

  23. I have seen many girls wear this dress.
    But you are the best who dressed well.
    Love your photos, so beautiful.

  24. Amazing dress!!!

  25. The last picture is really beautiful! Such an amazing landscape

  26. Love set of pics and you look lovely in that colour


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