Saturday, December 20, 2014

The Path To Home

"I turn at last to paths that lead home and where the road then takes me I cannot tell. We came all this way but now comes the day to bid you farewell."

Well my first semester at a university has finally ended. The semester has went by so fast. From the struggles of adjusting to school, making lifetime friends and late nights studying for exams, this semester has been my best yet. I can't wait until the adventures that next semester has to offer. Honestly this semester has had lots of ups and downs. The way I like to look at it though is: without the bad you won't be able to appreciate the good. I know this is a little cliche but it's true. I've struggled learning Spanish but it only makes me appreciate the language even more when I am speaking to Spanish speakers. I've met some people that couldn't care less about me but it only makes me appreciate my friends even more. A college students diet of pasta, sandwiches and water has made made love my mother's cooking even more. So you see the hardest parts of the journey, make the rest that much better. 

As I mentioned before my roommate and I had our share of struggles in the beginning of the semester but it just made getting along at the end of the semester so much better. We decided to spend our last few days together out and about on the town. The pictures above were from our day at the Getty Villa. The Getty has so much beautiful art. Honestly, I wish I could just live there and pretend to be from the ancient Roman days. At the Villa, there is the theatre area. I went up to the top and began talking to my "subjects." Absolutely no one was there.  "Citizens!" I said "This is Sparta!" I know I am dork but I though it was absolutely hilarious and so did my roommate. After a day at the museum we went to see the last Hobbit. If you have not seen this movie you just need to see it! It's absolutely enchanting and is certain to make you tear up a little bit. Not only that, but the visuals are just captivating. I am so excited because my school's newspaper is letting me write a little fashion post about possible fashion trends I spotted  in the  movie. I have included the best song in the movie in this blogpost. This song captures how I feel about leaving this semester. Goodbye to all my friends that I have made this semester. I hope in the future our paths cross again. 

Natalie Gennaoui



  1. What a lovely post Tallia! I have read your previous post and since then I loved your blog a lot. I am mega glad you are going happy and with such positive thoughts. You are very beautiful and love all your outfits. Have a woderful holiday!!! Liuba x

  2. I love these photos of you and of you and your roommate at your university - beautiful! I love your outfit, your hair, the settings at Getty Villa, and reading what you wrote. Congratulations in advance on writing the fashion post in your school's newspaper! Have a wonderful year 2015!

  3. Beautiful pictures!! You and your roommate seem two fairies in their castle :)


  4. Such a beautiful post You and your roommate are super cute together Thank you for sharing!

  5. very nice pics like it

  6. Beauty pics

  7. Que guapa eres!!
    Me encanta tu estilo fresco.
    Este look es precioso, las calzas te quedan genial.
    Besos mil preciosa.

  8. tu vestido es precioso!

  9. fotazas, me encantan tus botas

    felices fiestas

  10. you look stunning dear
    very chic
    Happy holidays

  11. Beautiful pictures. I am glad your first semester at university went great. I hope the next one is even better. Happy New Year.

  12. my sister, too, lives in southern cali and has told me so much about the getty.
    i definitely want to visit the next time i'm there.
    congratulations on completing your first semester of university!


  13. Stunning photos, love your dress!! Thanks for your comment in my blog, would you like to follow each other?:)


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