Sunday, November 15, 2015

The République Restaurant Review

The République is an adorable, quaint little French-styled restaurant in Los Angeles. My roommate is a repeat customer of the join and wanted to introduce me to this crazy delicious place. I got a pineapple coconut smoothie with a cinnamon bomboloni. It was absolutely delicious. The smoothie's blend of coconut and pineapple mixed surprisingly well. It was a magical taste. Then I got myself a little treat-the bomboloni!!! Mmm! That was a little piece of heaven. The bread was soft with a thin layer of bread that was perfectly crispy. I wish that I had gotten something more exotic but now I have a reasons to go back. 

Now, my roommate is who got the real good stuff. She bought that deliciously stuffed fruit pie and fried rice. The fried rice was absolutely amazing. That dish alone is good enough to go back. The place is a little pricey. In total, my roommate's bill came out to $37. So whatever yo order, make sure it's worth it.  The restaurant's ambience mimicked a French dream, except for the meat display in the corner. 

Any other good restaurants in LA that I should try? 


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