Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Roses are Red (Sometimes)

My friend and I decided to go to the Los Angeles Flowers District on Saturday morning. Warning! They charge you a dollar to go in, which I was a little suprised but it was worth it. Inside the flower market, there is endless rows of flowers. Orchids, hydrangeas, sun flowers and any other flower in any color is available to buy. I think my favorite were the near black roses just because it was such a starteling contrast. It's a little chilly inside the market so I would advise you to bring a jacket and wear a cute outfit. You are definitely going to want to take some photos there. My friend and I were just running around gawking at the beautiful flowers and yes, we took endless amounts of photos. So that was my little endeavor on Saturday morning. 

In other news, this is my last semester in college!!!!! I am freaking out about it. I think I am more excited about graduating than I am scared. I am ready to dive into the "real world." Something that just annoys  me is when people say "college is the best time of your life." I agree to some extent. College proved to be some of the hardest and funniest years of my life. For the first two years of college I spent it at community college. Those two years I completely dedicated myself to my studies and extracurricular activities. At USC, the competition is very tough. It seems like you are always trying to play catch up in your extracurriular activities. You want to do everything but you don't have time for it and somehow you are supposed to go to a billion social activities. At the end of the day though, it is all fun but it isn't as great as it is in the movies. Someone in the movie industry needs to get on that. College is a tough time and it's not just parties, like everyone seems to suggest. Of course, it can be which must be nice. I think the real world will be similiar in the sense that it is a lot of hustle with some play. But in the real world, you have to be active in finding ways to be involved, whereas in college all the activities are brought to you. Overall, my college experience has been a tough one but a good one. I have grown a lot because of the good times but mainly because of the rough times. I will save that topic for a different time though. For now, I will end it at the one thing I will miss most about college is the cute college guys. <3

Until next time online friends,
Natalie Gennaoui



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  3. you're so beautiful! love your blog dear, love the flowers and dress ♥

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  4. Yo, I went to the flower district today. They have increased the entrance fee to two dollars :D, but you are right it is still worth it.

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