Saturday, January 14, 2017

Best Hot Chocolate Ever at Creme & Sugar

Cream and Sugar is the real version of Friends‘ Central Perk. Their are multiple huge couches to plop yourself on and talk for hours with your friends. The Anaheim coffee shop is decorated with unique Christmas decorations. Although this adorable coffee shop is definitely well decorated, it isn’t the reason why you visit Cream and Sugar. No, no, no, my dear, you visit Cream and Sugar for a sugar high. The sweets and drinks on the secret menu is perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth.

The secret menu is filled with colorful drinks, such as their famous unicorn hot coco drink. Their PINK hot coco has whipped cream, colorful sprinkles and pastel colored marsh mellows. The drink was so sweet I couldn’t even finish the entire drink! Other great treats include their unicorn smoothies, unicorn bark, ice cream and cake. If you like dessert, this is the place for you to visit.

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