Saturday, April 22, 2017

Introducing the Hot Cheetorito

The Hot Cheeto food craze is every where these days. Honestly, is anyone even complaining? I know that I am not. One of the latest Hot Cheeto creations is the wonderful mash up between the red chips and a traditional sushi roll.

The Low Key Poke joint is steppin' the sushi roll game up a notch by smothering the outside of sushi rolls with Hot Cheetos. Their creation is cleverly called the "hot cheetorito." C'mon with a name like that, you know it is going to be a foodie favorite.

How it works? If you are coming to the Low Key Poke Joint to try the hot cheetorito-go ahead and skip the line and go to the front to fill out a slip. Here you'll put what kind of protein and vegetables you would like in your sushi roll. After you've filled it all out then go to the cashier, submit your order and wait as patiently as you possibly can. Make sure to get one of the sauces along with your sushi roll, it definitely adds some spice to your sushi roll. 

To my surprise, the hot cheetorito wasn't as spicy as I thought it was going to be. In fact, it was rather mild. So if you are not the biggest fans of spice, don't fear the hot cheetorito. If you go with a friend, I would recommend splitting the roll. It's pretty heavy and will most likely fill you up. My sister and I got separate rolls and neither of us could finish them. The prices were pretty affordable, considering that the Hot Cheeto craze has just begun.

Visit the Lowkey Poke Joint at 9904 Westminster Avenue, Garden Grove, CA. You can check out their latest creations on their Instagram.

Happy eating!

Natalie Gennaoui

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  1. Thanks for sharing this food trend. After you review, I might have to pass.


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