Tuesday, May 16, 2017

La La Land Halter Dress Wishlist

Photo by Lionsgate

Did anyone else watch the movie La La Land and instantly want to go out shopping to buy some cute vintage halter dresses or a line maxi dress?  Maybe, it was just me. I have been on the search for some beautiful, colorful dresses ever since. And I think I have found a few that everyone would adore. A few days ago, RoseGal contacted me regarding a collaboration. After browsing their website, I found a few dresses that would easily be part of the costume wardrobe for La La Land.
Floral Halter Dress
This beautiful gem of a dress, I could see Mia wearing at the party where she finally meets Sebastian. It's just so classy and it looks like it belongs at a pool party, doesn't it?  

Lemon Halter Dress
I'm not sure where Mia would wear this. Maybe, on the date her and Sebastian go to around town? The part of the movie where they are just frolicking around Grand Central Market, the Angels Flight, etc. It's such a perfectly classy and flirty dress.  
Red Halter Vintage Dress
Lastly, the perfect red dress. In the beginning of the movie, Mia and her friends are about to go to a party. I think this would have been great alternative to her gorgeous sapphire blue gown. That criss cross at the top of the dress would have made Mia stand out even more at the party.

Any one else have a movie-inspired wardrobe wish list? Check out RoseGal's Deal Zone for some super amazing discounts on this beautiful dress.


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  1. I didn't watch the movie but everything looks so, so pretty! Absolutely gorgeous - loving your picks!! :)

    Hope you're well!!

    Layla xx



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