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Fancy running into you here. Welcome to my very tiny corner of the internet. On my blog, I will most likely be talking about what there is to do in my beloved Los Angeles and Orange County. Basically, this blog gives me a good reason to go out and explore what there is to do and eat around me. As a concierge, it is my job to know what it poppin' and all the hottest places in Southern California. After about 2 months working as a concierge, I realized that there is just so much to do in Los Angeles and locals and tourists alike don't really recognize it. I thought, "How can I share my new found knowledge with the rest of the world?" Boom! This blog was (re)born. Back in the day, I exclusively wrote about fashion. I hope you are as excited to discover Los Angeles as I am.

Let's Talk About Me

Wow....That title is so self-centered. Let's face it though, any biography is just an excuse to talk about yourself in a "professional" manner. Keep on reading if you are interested in learning more about the chica behind the blog.

Let's start at the very beginning. My name is Natalie Gennaoui and I was born on May 8th, 1994. Fast forward to today and I am 22 going on 23. Ahhh! I feel so old. I graduated May 2016 from the University of Southern California as the "Top Journalism Scholar in Journalism.'' Basically, that means I was a nerd who got the highest GPA and didn't go out as much as I should've. I love, love, love the Spanish language. I have been learning Spanish for the past five years and even interned in Spain for two months. I have been a vegetarian for the past 5 years with one two month break in which I occasionally ate fish. Now, I am a concierge at a DTLA. It's definitely not where I thought I would be but I am so blessed to have stumbled across the world of hospitality. I am excited to blog and make videos about my home county (the OC) and my beautiful Los Angeles.  


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  2. Lovely blog dear! I love country music too, especially Taylor Swift's songs =)


  3. Hello, you're so beautiful and i like what you do. I would like to stay in touch. Kisses
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