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Welcome to  my website! Thanks for having interest in my website and what I write about. It means a lot. I am very excited to do business together. Here is a brief overview of what partnerships I have done in the past. You can also contact me at for further details. 

Product /Brand Reviews: 
 I will be glad to review your product once I have received it. I give honest yet positive reviews for products. For clothes/accessories: I will model them on post high quality photos on my blog. In addition to posting photos on my blog I will post photos of your product on my blog, Instagram, a possible YouTube video and Facebook. 

Giveaways:Another great option for attracting customers for a certain product of yours. I will be glad to host a giveaway and honored that you have chosen Trending in Fashion to host your giveaway.

Youtube/Music Videos/Reviews: In addition to posting and doing reviews I have an extreme love for making music videos. Music videos are the perfect way to get publicity for your product (as well as a little more magical). I do music videos for my youtube. If you are interested in sponsoring a music video-let me know!

Article Exchange: Unfortunately, I do not do article exchanges.

Whenever I receive a product I set up a photoshoot to ensure that your product will look it is finest.

You can contact me at:
(If you have contacted using my old email address that is perfectly okay it just may take a little longer to respond since it is mainly for comments)

Previous Sponsors:
Born Pretty Store
eFoxy Jewelry
Firmoo Eye ware
Mall of Style
Milly Bridal
Persun Clothing
Rose Gal
Sammy Dress
Show Me Your MuMu

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